About Us

TS&G Signs was born 35 years ago in Bill Prokes’ pottery shop in South Phoenix when he was asked to make ceramic street signs for the Pointe Resort at Squaw Peak. Over the next few years the pottery shop slowly evolved into a sign shop specializing in ceramic signage.

Now, over three decades later, TS&G is a full service custom architectural sign company with an extensive and varied resume not only within the Phoenix metropolitan area, but across the state and country.

TS&G is proud to be a small, family-owned business committed to distinctive signage designs, quality production and installation, and excellent customer service.

TS&G’s Impressive Resume Includes:
  • Signage projects within all sectors and industries including residential, commercial, corporate, resort, retail, senior living, hospitals, churches, and nonprofits.
  • Experience with all types of signs including metal, acrylic, stone, electrical/lighted signs, etched signs, and more.
  • Experience with a wide range of budgets from high-end luxury projects to nonprofit residential centers where affordability and durability are key.
  • Design, production, and installation projects across the country including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, California, Washington, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Florida.
  • Manufacture and installation of hundreds of entry monuments and building IDs for multifamily, single family, and commercial buildings.
  • Manufacture and installation of well over a hundred full sign packages for both new build multifamily and renovations.
  • UL Certified sign shop specializing in LED illumination for all types of signage applications.